More reasons to get your Zooper Tango Double Stroller today

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Having delivered fraternal twins I had no option other than to look for a double stroller. I always insist on having value for my money which means I had to go an extra mile to get something that was worth the amount I was ready to spend. Through my random and intense searches on the baby stores, I saw the Zooper Tango Double Stroller which to say the least has transformed my experience as a young mom!

Zooper Tango Double Stroller features

Having read several reviews about what different mom’s experiences with this double stroller, it was evident that I couldn’t wait to get it in my arms.

Upon arrival, it had with it a well fitted cup holder, a sleeping bag as well as a rain cover which means I didn’t have to worry if the heavens opened while my little angel and I were out on a stroll.

Head rest: The baby’s head rest are soft and very well placedwhich makes it easy for me to slide in the infant.

Safety: I was so excited upon noticing that this double baby stroller had an enclosure which ensured that the baby was safe and could not at any one point slide out. The step rear brake to me was a total surprise. It has the ability to stop the stroller and keep it in one position as you are trying to slide the two babies one at a time each into the stroller.

The zip up facility on either side of the Zooper Tango comes in handy assuring any parent out there of top notch security.

Utility basket: placed at the bottom of the Tango double stroller, it is easily reachable especially when my two twins have their seats reclined. This gives me flexibility in how I position my two kids.

The canopies on my baby stroller look incredible. The creativity and finishing are just out of this world. If you need something for all weather then this is it. The Zooper Tango has specialized UV Net, sunshade and the rain protection ability all designed as one.

Portability: The extreme ease of folding a zooper tango wowed my husband and I. The zooper tango double stroller was very easy to open as well as fold. Having a medium sized family car we definitely needed something that could pack well in the boot at all times especially if we are on a trip. Though it took a sizeable space of our car boot, it was still a good choice and this is to be expected owing to the fact that this is a double stroller, huh?

I however noted that it can be a little tight in the aisle. This however does not make it imbalanced at anyone point as it is much more solid than most double strollers – I can bet on that!

Grab a tango double stroller today!

The Zooper Tango is the answer to our little family since we bought it. It has become easier to carry our two kids to the mall, take them out for a stroll or just move around when we feel like.

I would recommend the Zooper Tango double stroller any time to parents looking forward to having twins or those who already have small children and require a safe, well designed and portable baby stroller. My experience so far has been breathe taking – to say the least.

Linda K.

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