The Good and the Bad of a First Years Jet Stroller

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First Years Jet Stroller

I have been window shopping for a simple but elegant stroller for quite some time now with no much to show for it. I wanted an all multipurpose stroller; one that could be pushed around easily and also be easy to fit in the car without much strain.

The First Years Jet Stroller somehow seems to fit this description and surpass it to some extent I must admit. For any average mom looking out to provide comfort to their baby, then this is definitely a nice bet.

The Features I noticed:

  • Weighs 11 pounds with a one hand fold provision
  • Has a five point harness
  • Can handle up to a weight of 50ll
  • Has a storage facility underneath
  • Tall Handles.

What I liked…

Portability: Being an “always on the move” mom, you can be sure I hate anything that will take up my time. The First Years Jet Stroller came in handy especially in malls and other public places where I had to go with my baby. The ease with which I folded and unfolded it was just amazing!  You will love this bit!

Flexible Canopy: The stroller is perfectly fitted with a well adjustable as well as removable canopy. I have on several occasions changed the canopy type just to suit the weather. The original canopy looked fine to me and the changing bit is only for my own pleasure and a little adventure with my 1 year old.

Safe: the five point harness wowed me. For any growing baby, the thought of keeping them contained is almost impossible. This is due to their playful nature. I was always scared of leaving my son in a stroller due to his playful nature. This stroller takes care of your baby as you stroll with them. How? You may ask. The Five point harness is specially designed for this purpose: to keep your baby fastened just in case sleep comes knocking J or they decide to go hyper.

Enough Storage Space: I noticed that this First Years Jet Stroller has good space that could fit a sizeable amount of baby stuff as well as some of my key items that I would need to carry with me if going for a stroll.

What I Disliked…

For every product, it’s bound to have a few defects. Well, here are some of those which I noticed. The back of the stroller is not properly aerated. This is to mean that the baby may have to deal with a non-breathable back and eventually sweat a lot especially in the summer time.

The reclining which is indicated as a feature in the purchase is to say the least terrible. This is because you cannot recline it more than 2 inches. I could not actually have a lying position for my son!

Aside from these, the First Years Jet Stroller has so far served me well. I would recommend this if you are on a tight budget and need something decent too. You should know by now that getting something durable for this price is not a walk in the park. Avoid the disappointments by picking this. You sure will not be disappointed.

Debra G.

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