Compact Double Strollers Baby Jogger Mini GT

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If you’re looking for the best compact double stroller then at the top of the travelers list is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. The designed purpose of this stroller is to provide users with an all-terrain, compact stroller that can take its users (and the infant) anywhere, any time. For those who like the great outdoors, look no further. This stroller is the one for you!

Perfect for urban jungle locations, off-the-beaten-path, or walks and other outdoor scenarios, Baby Jogger takes this specialization to a whole new different level. With its very own list of patented features and capabilities, this double stroller is at the top of the list of stroller to choose with these specific needs wanted.

Features of Compact Double Strollers to look for

What are the things you need to look out for when purchasing a compact double stroller? Well since Baby Jogger specializes on brisk walking, or outdoor trekking parents, then the key feature to look at is its capability to provide a smooth and easy ride for the infants. This is made possible with the Forever-air tires and the front wheel suspension system incorporated.

Aside from the tires we have to consider the comfort of the baby. This ingredient is also a check on the list of the Mini GT as it comes with its unique plush padded seats designed for more support and stability. The wheels also are equipped with a lock system to stop it dead on its tracks.

You can also recline and adjust the position of the seat to make your child more comfortable in his/her position. The seat recline can be pushed to a near flat position giving maximum comfort and relaxation for newborns. Safely secured with the harness and shoulder pads, you can move without worries as it offers not just protection but comfort to your child.

Other features of the Mini GT are its extended seat back allowing the stroller to accommodate for taller children. There is also an adjustable canopy with small windows allowing parents to take a peek at their kids during the run. There is also a large storage compartment under the seats for shopping or carrying purposes.

As for accommodation, the Baby Jogger Mini GT can accommodate a maximum weight of 100lbs. This means it can carry two toddlers without difficulty. To the users themselves, an adjustable handlebar is included allowing people of all heights to easily use this.

Here are the main features of the Mini GT:
–          Patented Quick Fold System
–          Forever-air Wheels
–          Adjustable Canopy
–          Near flat Seat recline feature
–          Storage compartments
–          Peek-a-boo windows
–          Adjustable handlebar”


Commonly considered as the best among compact double stroller, this stroller is a delight and money well spent as it can be used to over 4 years due to its high weight capacity and spacious design.


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